• 442 Go-Master Platinum

442 Go-Master Platinum

  • $13.14

Go-Master Platinum is a diesel treatment built for the delivery of maximum performance year round. 442 is made up of unique fuel stabilizers that halt any further breakdown of catalytically cracked fuels and ensure fuel stabilization in all grades of diesel fuel as well as superior icing prevention agents which will keep fuel dry and prevent icing caused by harsh cold weather. 

For regular use - 1 quart to 125 gallons (1:500) - Use with every fill up

For storage tank maintenance dose - 1 gallon to 1500 gallons of fuel. May be used at 1:500 for severe water removal.

To de-ice or de-gel - Remove fuel filter, fill new fuel filter with a 50/50 blend of fuel and Go-Master Platinum 442 and install - use as needed.

Available in Quart size only.