• 400 Protect-O-Lube

400 Protect-O-Lube

  • $13.15

400 Protect-O-Lube is recommended for use in concentrations of 1% in gas, diesel, and marine engines to neutralize the corrosive effects of engine acids created during combustion from sulfur contained in the fuel. It also absorbs moisture, prevents icing, removes carbon, gum, sludge, and varnish deposits, improves combustion, cleans injectors and carburetors, lubricates top rings, frees sluggish valves and improves ring flexing. For use in crankcases, compressors, hydraulic and turbine/circulating systems, and automatic transmissions. Available in QUART ONLY

As a fuel additive:

  • Gasoline engines - 1% by Vol. of Fuel
  • Diesel engines (except 2007 & Newer) - 1% of Vol. of Fuel
  • Marine engines (Except Outboards) - 1% of Vol. of Fuel
  • Marine engines (Outboards and other 2 cycle engines) - 1 oz. to each gallon of gas, then mix oil at recommended ratios.