• 311 Blue Max Grease

311 Blue Max Grease

  • $142.76
Blue Max 311 is a smooth, deep blue, lithium complex grease formulated for operations from a minus 40°F but with a dropping point of 500°+F. COMPOSITION: A high-quality, high-performance lithium complex grease. PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS: Mechanical Stability - Blue Max 311 resists thinning or hardening in bearings, thereby minimizing leakage and maintaining extended, long life service. Oxidation And Corrosion Protection - The high level of additive treatment minimizes chemical deterioration over extended periods of storage and service.  Protects steel and copper alloy bearings against rust and corrosion. Extreme Pressure Protection - The EP additives in Blue Max 311 provide effective wear protection for ball and roller bearings at high rpm and under heavy load. Formulation - Superior quality refined lube stocks are combined with a high quality lithium complex thickener and additives under rigid laboratory and process control.  Special compounding supplies beneficial anti-friction properties. Temperature Stability - Blue Max 311 offers excellent low temperature pumpability and high temperature protection. Water Resistance - It effectively resists washout and excessive dilution by water, assuring all-weather lubrication.